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Hello and Welcome to the Squirrel Reviews today we are going to be reviewing a popular Console, Battle Royal game known as Fortnite (Battle Royal Mode). We will be reviewing it to determine if it is worth your time.

Gameplay and Controls

Fortnite’s control’s for Xbox 1 and Ps4 are simple and very easy to learn because they show most of them on the game screen in the game. There are three types of controls on Xbox 1 and Ps4, they are: Basic which is what you start off with, Combat Pro for more advanced players and pro’s and last but not least there is Quick builder if you like to build¬†big bases and wait for people to attack you instead of rushing them. The Gameplay in Fortnite is great because of the fast pace games. this game will ultimately test your senses and reflexes. Hearing and sight are very important in the game because when a player is near you can hear their footsteps and if they are shooting at you can hear the gunshot or when a see a player far way you have to have great eyesight Gameplay and Controls Score: 95/100


Fortnite is probably one of the best looking games out there. This is definitely one of the factors of its popularity. After various updates, the game has gotten very fun and the graphics have improved by a lot since it first came out last year.The graphics look good on 4k, the game has a nice color scheme which features a lot of contrast. We gave it a 90/100 because it is still going through updates and it could get better Graphics Score: 90/100 


Fortnite’s sound effects are very great during gameplay because they are on time and they are very accurate. The soundtrack for the game is okay, it can get a bit repetitive as it doesn’t change in the scenario you are in. Sound Score: 70/100


Fortnite is very replayable because it is a lot of fun that you will want to keep playing battle royal mode over and over until someone kicks you off of it. Score: 85/100

Fun Factor

Overall this game is very amazing and great to play with friends or new people you may meet in the game(if you play duo or squad fill). The Fun Factor is: 90/100

The Good


Brawl Stars features multiple game modes


Brawl Stars has a rather active user base allowing for you to almost instantaneously join a game


The game has a nice sized roster of characters that is constantly expanding


Brawl Star’s brawl box system allows you to collect brawl boxes whenever you want.

The Bad


Brawl Stars has an ever expanding roster of characters making some of the old completely useless


The game has a tendency for you to pile up on brawl boxes if you don’t play a lot