Welcome to the Squirrel Reviews. Today we shall be reviewing a game called EGGNOG.

We will be looking at its Fun Factor, its Gameplay and Controls, its Replay-Ability, its Graphics, and its Sound to determine if it is worth your Gigabytes!

Fun Factor

The game is simple.Not much to do but kill and run, be killed and chase, repeat. Soon gets duller, and duller and duller, and duller…

Fun Factor Score: 33/100

Not much to do…

Gameplay and Controls

This game is only a 2 player game.If a gaming noob is over, you can teach them this game easily. Really you use arrow keys/ASWD, V/< to jump, and B/> to stab.More controls are down/S + V/> to crouch and/or pick up a sword, and do that while running to slide. A or D/left or right + B/> held to throw the sword.This can be angled up or down, same with block(automatically your fighting stance) Those are all the controls The goal is to kill the opponent and jump into their eggnog. Simple. The only way to get to a section is to have the arrow point in their direction, by killing them.

Gameplay Score: 96/100

A great simple game, good with tournaments, can be intense or quick but must have two people.

Replay Ability

There is nothing that makes you want to play the game. It is just there as an option. No updates, no chests-that-you-wait-for-to-unlock-so-you-get-the-chance-to-get-a-legendary-card.(#clashroyal)Nothing special.


Nothing, just nothing.


So the game looks very simple. Great pixel art. The background changes with every section you’re in. There are 10 colors you can be, but the floor is dull.

Graphics Score: 40/100

The game has simple, but good graphics, but some parts too simple and repetitive.


Its okay 8-bit music, unless you have sensitive ears, then it sounds like CRAP.

Sound Score:15/100

At least you have options for your 8-bit horror!

The Good


Eggnogg is a fun game to play with friend

The Bad


Bad Music


The game can’t be played in single player


The graphics are pathetic


The game gets very boring