Hello and welcome to The Squirrel Reviews, today we are reviewing Super Fighters. We will be looking at its UI, it’s Gameplay, it’s Realism and it’s customization to decide if it is worth your time.

UI(User Interface)

Super Fighters has probably the best background I have ever seen. It has a video background of a bunch of computers playing the game. It is super cool as the computers all are really skilled and the fight gets intense quickly. Of the topic of the background, the UI is rather basic and has a nice pixel style.

User Interface: 5/5

We decided to give Super Fighters for its nice background and simple pixel style.


Super Fighters gameplay is pretty unique for its platform, you click “n” to melee, you click “m” to use your gun, you click “,” to use your grenades, and you click “.” to use a slow-motion power up. The game’s premise is simple you pick up weapons and use them to kill other players. The game is downloadable or available on the web at Two-Player Games.

Gameplay Score: 5/5


Super Fighters is a very realistic fighting game. It features a nice physics engine and some realistic gun damage. There are a couple of holes though.

  • When you shoot someone in the head they don’t die.
  • When someone hits a gun out of your hand it disappears
  • Explosive shrapnel does not deal damage

Other than that it is rather realistic game.

Realism Score: 4/5

Super Fighters scores a 4 out of 5 in realism


Where this beautiful goes wrong is its customization. You can pick your character and that’s about it. It’s really sad that it is so pathetic in its customization sense.


Okay got give a shout out to Joel Walfall and Samuel Wilson for pointing out the battle customization page and the ability to create your own levels. It scores a 3

Customization Score: 3/5

Due to its lack of customization, it scored a 3.

Huge Shout out Samuel Wilson for submitting this game for review! Thanks for your support Sam!

Super Fighters Reviewed
Super Fighters

Game title: Super Fighters

Game description: Super Fighters is a game where you battle your buddy in the ultimate local fighting game.

  • UI
  • Gameplay
  • Realism
  • Customizations


Super Fighters scored a nice 3.8 because of its lack of customization and its awesome gameplay. Even though it scored less than a 4 I would really recommend it.

User Rating 3 (2 votes)
Comments Rating 4 (1 review)