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Crash Arena Turbo Stars (CATS for short) has seen a slight, *Ahem lack of interest in the last couple of years. The game has pretty much been forgotten since March, heck even the hated No Mans Sky is more popular than CATS. (No Mans sky is the Red, CATS is the blue)

Diagram of CATS popularity vs No Man's Sky popularity.

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All popularity aside let’s analyze CATS to determine if it is worth your time.

Gameplay and Controls

CATS gameplay is simple, you build a machine and you watch it fight. The game’s concept is simple and is easy to pick up for almost any user.

Building: The building process is simple, you pick a body, then you pick some wheels and then you attach weapons. The game gives you several weapons options that go onto different slots of your vehicles. There are drills, rocket launchers, turbo lasers and many more. The designing processes is a simple as dragging and dropping the part where you want it to go

Battling: This part of the game is okay, you watch your machine fight an opponent’s machine and that is about it. The game probably loses a lot of users at this part, most people want to fight using their machine but instead they get to watch it move back and forth across a stage to hit the enemy.

Recently the team behind CATS decided to add a new feature known as Ultimate machines. Ultimate machines were pretty much an opportunity for you to play as a new player using different weapons and bodies while keeping your regular machine in a different garage. ANOTHER feature that they added to the game is gang fights. Gang Fights are just your team battling another team for territory. Like a real gang fight

Gameplay and Controls Score: 80/100


CATS graphics are decent, the vehicles and weapons are well animated and have a nice cartoonish feel. The battling view still has a couple issues and flashes and shakes excessively. After you play for a while you get used to It but to new players it is rather annoying. Besides that, the graphics have no flaws.

Graphics: 90/100


CATS features a cool rock feel in its music, it adds a cool rough fighting feel to the game. One of the only problems I have with the game is the amount of extra unnecessary sounds they feature in the combat scenarios. The music though great gets very repetitive and boring very quickly.

Sound: 65/100

Replay Ability

CATS is a game that has probably one of the most anger inducing endings of all: You restart. I know what you might be saying:

But Joshua restarting would be cool 😊 I would get to play the game with a new rank! I could go and crush some noobs with my awesome skillz!” – Anonymous CATS enthusiasts

You would think! Instead of battling noobs in level one you instead get to play with all the players that restarted, some of them have restarted 20 times while other may have restarted once like you. The game makes it even worse for you, it strips you of your awesome loadout and weapons and makes you restart you 4 months of progress. I was a loyal player of the game, I played all the way to the end but in the end, I just deleted it.

Replay Ability: 0/100

Fun Factor

With everything thought weighed in CATS just isn’t that fun of a game; the game has the most disappoint ending of all time, the games sound quality needs work and the graphics are the only thing going for it.

Fun Factor: 45/100



The Good

The game is free and features minimal advertisments
The graphics look great on most devices

The Bad

The music sucks

The Game has a horrible ending


Ultimate Machines are a cash grab