Hello and welcome to The Squirrel Reviews today we will look at game known as SuperMechs. We will be looking at its Graphics, its Game Play, and Controls, its Replay-Ability, it’ Fun Factor and it’s Sound.


Slight lags.The game has no excuses. Simple graphics, barely any shadows(a logic problem), and the mechs look like stickers!!!A leg, the other leg, the body, and all the weapons, are different sprite sticker thingys! At least it is colorful, ish. You practically will see the same color over and over again, unless you pay tokens for that.Let’s go back to the Clash Royale Review. It’s kind of like paying to make your goblins red, which will cost 5-100 gems. Ripoff. Serious ripoff.

Graphics score: 30/100

Just paid $20 to make my mech WHITE!! #RAGEQUIT!!

Gameplay and Controls

So let’s just say you get on the game. Your mom says you only have five minutes to play.So you go to play. You make an account, go through the tutorial, and you run out of time.Then you come back, you finish the tutorial and you see in settings there is a guide where you will learn more about combat than in the tutorial, which takes only less than one minute to read. Then at the top, there is a link to the Wiki page where it tells you everything and strategies. You just wasted 7 whole minutes on a stupid tutorial that teaches you tons of very obvious facts.

Then you do one of the three online battle types; 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3.Practically letting you pick how much mechs you use. There is a campaign, with normal, hard, and insane. And there are clans, which are pathetic. Don’t wanna get into it. You get rejected too much. I am an example.There are boss fights that are easy.

Gameplay and Controls Score: 50/100

It is decent in this area.


Nothing much in this area. Just another game on the list.

Replay-Ability: 10/100

Nothing makes you want to play it again. The only reason is the chests and daily reward

Fun Factor

It is okay-ish, but not that fun…

Fun Factor Score: 15/100

Yeah about that… not that fun…


This game has a good soundtrack and it is enjoying to listen to. It is delighting to the ears.*cough**cough*eggnogg*cough**cough* But soon it will seem the same.

Sound score: 70/100

It has a great, repetitive soundtrack.