Hello and welcome to The Squirrel Reviews today we will be an .io game known as Moomoo.io. We will be looking at its Realism, its Game Play, its UI, and it’s Physics.

UI (User Interface)

Moomoo logoMoomoo.io has some primitive UI, the player is literally a circle with a tiny circle for hands and a stick with a block attached to it as a tools. The hitting motion makes everything it hits shake besides people. Your tool can go through things when you walk by them. To make things worse the ads get excessive at times, to ad on to the that,(lol) there is a video ad almost every time you restart the game.

User Interface: 1/5


Moomoo.io is a game that pretends to be realistic but has no sense of realism at all. First, you can collect food but have a hunger bar meaning you can sit there and not starve to death. Second food regenerates health instantly, third, bulls attack you head on even though there is no red on you. I could go on and on about the UN-realism of this but that is for another post.

Realism Score: 1/5


Lets look at Moomoo.io Gameplay for one second. ITS TRASH! I am telling you that as an honest player of that game. You join in the game gather a bunch of resources build an awesome base then a bull comes and kills you instantly in two hits. That pretty much sums the game up and to make matters worse is the fact that you lose everything when you die. There is so many cheats in the game such as running with your work hammer than switching to knife and killing the player instantly. The game tried to fix this by having it that when you run with a sword it slows you down but the cheat still gets around it.

Gameplay Score: 1.5/5

I mean the game is fun if you like wasting your time 🙂


The only thing that is actually decent in Moomoo.io are its customization options. Moomoo.io has some simple customization options, it allows you to change how your circle looks and give a certain kind of skin. On top of that the options you pick give you certain abilities like swimming in water faster.

Customization Score: 3/5

Moomoo.io Reviewed

Game title: Moomoo.io

Game description: Moomoo.io is a game about collecting resources and building a base to survive in.

  • UI
  • Realism
  • Gameplay
  • Customizations


Overall Moomoo.io is just a poorly created game with primitive, graphics no sense of realism at all and a game play that wastes a lot of time.

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