Gameplay and Controls

Brawl Stars has an innovative set of controls, the controls involve using one finger to guide and another finger to aim and shoot. It is a rather simple way of controlling the main character and makes the game very easy to pick up. There are a couple of different gameplay modes featured in Brawl Stars: Brawl Ball, Showdown, Heist, Bounty and Gem Grab. Each game mode is different, and each requires a different strategy to succeed.

Brawl Ball: One of the newest game modes in the game, it is like soccer except you can shoot each other to death with guns. The game mode seems to work well until you see how much game throwing there is, there is currently no reporting system which can end horribly when a player decides to put the ball in their own net.

Showdown: My favorite mode in Brawl Stars, it is like the hunger game except with Brawl Stars characters. This game mode is flawless and is a game mode worth trying.Brawl Stars

Heist: This game mode is like a game of capture the flag; except that the flag is a safe and you are trying to destroy it instead of capturing it.

Bounty and Gem Grab: Gem Grab and Bounty are probably the most common game modes and there is nothing interested to talk about when it comes to these game modes

Gameplay and Control Score: 95/100


Brawl Stars shares the same amazing graphics that power Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach. The game features a cartoony feel while still boasting a nice game view. The game features a nice third person view which situates you behind the character you are controlling.

Graphics Score: 100/100


Brawl Stars soundtrack adds a nice western-y feel to the game that really goes with desert-like settings the game gives you. The game’s soundtrack may sound really good but it gets rather repetitive and annoying especially when you lose. The sound effects are a cool addition to the game and make the game characters feel more human.

Sound Score: 75/100

Brawl Stars

Image from Apple Insider

Replay Ability

Brawl Stars was an easy game to Replay, but it has started to get harder and harder to replay recently. All the new updates, the new brawlers that completely replace the old brawler. The interface keeps changing constantly, the game only favors dedicated users who keep coming back even though the game constantly makes you change your playing style.

Replay Ability Score: 45/100

Fun Factor

Brawl Stars is, in my opinion, an amazing game, sure it has been through some bad updates and some horrible nerfs and buffs, but it still an amazing game.

Fun Factor: 85/100


The Good


Brawl Stars features multiple game modes


Brawl Stars has a rather active user base allowing for you to almost instantaneously join a game


The game has a nice sized roster of characters that is constantly expanding


Brawl Star’s brawl box system allows you to collect brawl boxes whenever you want.

The Bad


Brawl Stars has an ever expanding roster of characters making some of the old completely useless


The game has a tendency for you to pile up on brawl boxes if you don’t play a lot