Battlefront, known as a disappointment by most review websites or as a money grab by others. Today we will figure out if it is worth your money or is it just as bad as the other websites say.

Gameplay and Controls

Battlefront gameplay has 3 gameplay sections:

Missions: This section allows you to play all the tutorials, embark on survival mission or play against a friend in a couch co-op.
This section contains every single gameplay mode available for online

Skirmish: This section contains two modes: Walker Assault which feels like a full out war, rebellion vs imperials. Fighter Squadron mode is an awesome mode which allows you to fight in the air.

Battlefront when it comes to gameplay features very little story which is rather disappointing, it sort of feels like a reskinning of Call of Duty except with lasers and star wars vehicles. The only thing in this game is not featured in other games is ship controls. The game allows you to pilot a variety of ships from x-wings to TIE fighters, it also lets you control some amazing land vehicles like AT-STs and Snow Speeders.

The skirmish game mode is a unique game experience that has never been captured in any other games before, but it is rigged. The rebels almost always win, in multiplayer it is easy to spam auto turret and rocket turrets to destroy the AT-ATs. On the Hoth map allows you to spam snow speeders to kill walkers easily by circling them while using the grapple cable. In my opinion, they either need to scrap it or un-rig it because it just sucks when you are stuck on the imperial team in multiplayer.

Gameplay and Controls Score: 60/100

Due to how little Battlefront has to offer compared to other shooters it only scores a 60


Battlefront features some amazing visuals that scale to look amazing on 4k graphics systems. The game works amazing no matter what screen you look at it on and it can be downscaled to speed up the game. Battlefronts visuals work so great that I can’t tell the difference between the movies and the games. The game has a few flaws none the less: The stormtroopers are hard to see on Hoth and when you use a blaster with a custom layout it messes up the displays a lot.

Graphics Score: 95/100

Because of battlefront’s amazing score, it earns this 95


Battlefronts soundtrack is one of the best aspects of the game, the soundtrack feels like it is straight from the movie. Its sound effects work well with the graphics and make you feel like you are apart of the game.

Sound Score: 100/100

Replay Ability

Battlefront is an amazing game that can be played over and over again, the game has so many things you can unlock but the game has a big problem DLC, half of the game is made up of DLC. You basically pay for half the game then you must dish out even more cash to play the whole game. It makes it really hard to play the game again as the more you play the more you see how much you are missing out.

Replay Ability Score: 70/100

Fun Factor

Overall Battlefront is a decent game, it features amazing music and graphics along with some decent gameplay. In the end, I don’t really like battlefront that much, I have played the game with and without DLC. Without DLC the game is rather boring (You don’t even get Chewie without the DLC ☹).

Fun Factor Score: 50/100

The Good


Battlefront is an amzing game for those who love starwars


Battlefront features amazing ship controls


Battlefront  is one of the first game of its kind

The Bad


 Half of the game is made of DLC


The walker Assualt mode feels rigged


The game feels like a re-skin of Call of Duty with star wars characters


Battlefront has a tendency to glitch when using unique guns