Welcome to Squirrel Reviews today we are reviewing a game Known as Bowmasters. We will be looking at it’s UI, it’s Physics, it’s Realism, it’s Game Play and it’s Customization options to see if it is worth your time.



UI(User Interface)

Bowmasters has a pretty solid UI, it has a very dark feel to it. The pumpkins lying around, the blood and gore every time you hit some one with anything.

Image of Person Dying-Bowmasters

Image From Touch arcade

But overall the UI does what it’s supposed to do. The characters though do not look to favorable after you hit them a couple times. But it gets worse, after you nearly die but you kill the other person. Your character acts all happy even though it is literally dead we will talk about this a bit more in the realism section. User Interface Score: 3.5/5 We decided to give Bowmasters a 4 because of the excessive amount of unnecessary of blood.


Game Play

Bowmasters has some very simple gameplay, you aim your weapons at the opponent and then you launch it. For some weapons you can use a special ability while it is in the air. When the weapons hits someone it deals damage when a weapons hits you it deals damage to you. Picutre of BowmastersThere is a total of 6 game modes ranging from online PvP to tournament to target shooting. Game Play Score: 5/5 We decided to give Bowmasters a 5/5 in Game Play because of the amount of game modes and the gameplay is easy to pick up.


There is many customization options in the game. There are many character options, all of them have many different kinds of weapons ranging from sharks to spears. There is many, many customization options so many in fact that you can play for a whole day without using the same character again. Customization Score:5/5


Bowmasters has a little to no realism. The arrows shouldn’t make your body disappear, baked bread can’t hurt you.(sorry mime) When a bomb explodes your bones don’t stay intact they explode, when you get electrocuted you die. But even though it has a lot of unrealistic factors there is still a bit of realism in it. The angles still make sense, the physics do line up. Realism Score: 1.5/5


Game title: Bowmasters

Game description: Bowmasters is a game where you shoot your rivals with bizarre types of guns and projectiles.


  • UI
  • Gameplay
  • Customizations
  • Realism


We decided to give Bowmasters a 3.9 out of 5 because of its excessive amount of blood and gore and it’s lack of realism

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