Clash Royale, Clash of Clans if it was like Heart Stone. Clash Royal is high action game that uses Clash of Clans amazing roster of characters and uses them in a new unique way. Today we will be analyzing this game to determine if it is worth your time.

Gameplay and Controls

Clash Royale features a very simple drag and drops control system. At the bottom of your screen, on the bottom of the screen, there is a bar which features four cards. That is pretty much it, the gameplay involves you try to use the cards in your to hand in an attempt to take out the opponent’s tower. Different cards in your hand deal certain amounts of damage while other cards have a certain amounts health. There are three kinds of cards: Buildings, units, and Spells. Unit cards move down the field towards the opponent’s towers, they have a certain amount of health and directly attack the towers and other units. Building cards are like unit cards except they can’t move, building cards have more health but have a time limit. Spells cards are cards that affect things on the field but have no health, most spell cards just inflict damage on the field others give effects to cards: like freeze and rage.

Controls and Gameplay: 100/100

In total Clash Royale has no flaws in its Control and gameplay.


All of Supercell’s game share a beautiful style of animation and Clash Royale is no exception. Clash Royale features beautiful 3d animation and a nice set of graphics.

Graphics Score: 100/100

I have nothing against Clash Royale’s graphics and it thoroughly deserves the five out of fire I am giving it.



Clash Royale has an amazing soundtrack that features amazing orchestra tracks and great sound effects. The whole soundtrack mainly features strings and other orchestral effects but some tracks include crowd noises and various percussion sounds.

Sound Score: 100/100

Clash Royale owns probably one of the best mobile game soundtracks and its score definitely reflects that


Clash Royale is definitely a game I would play again and again until I reached the upgrade limit. As I have heard from multiple people, once you hit the top you either go pro or go home (home meaning quit). Clash Royale may have a really abrupt ending but it can take years to make it that far, so I have good faith that you won’t make it that far anytime soon.

Replay-Ability Score: 80/100

Clash Royale’s unsavory ending causes it to score an 80 out of 100.

Fun Factor

Clash Royale is an amazingly fun game. It is definitely game and fills a lot of spare time, with its amazing gameplay and nice soundtrack it is definitely a game worth playing. Even though it is so fun it can get boring when all your chest slots are filled up.

Fun Factor Score: 80/100

Clash Royale scores only 80 out of 100 in fun factor due to its chest slot fill up.

The Good and The bad

The Good


Smashy Road is rather addicting and can be played for a long time


Smashy Road has a online mode allowing you to play with players arround the world


Smashy road works offline and online


The Bad


The automatic turret is crap


Smashy road Arena’s soundtrack is boring


Smashy road Arena has no  pause button