The Smashy road series has always been a set of good games. The original Smashy Road was amazing and it’s sequel; Smashy Road Most Wanted kick it up a little. The Smashy road Arena game is no exception and is an amazing game adding a new function to an already used topic. Today we will be analyzing Smashy Road Arena to determine if it is worth your time.

Fun Factor

Smashy road is really fun and addicting game which is very useful for long boring road trips. The game works well offline and is very very addicting (My brother spends hours on this :)).

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Smashy Road Arena features a multiplayer online version as well as the traditional offline version. The game is very fun and most of the bugs have been patched.

Fun Factor Score: 100/100

In summary, Smashy Road is an extremely fun game to play offline or online.

Controls and Gameplay

Smashy Road’s Gameplay has the same premise of Smasahy Road Most Wanted; survive as long as you can. and don’t get killed by the cops.  Smashy Road Arena’s Controls are simple. you can turn left, right, shoot your gun or use mystery box.

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Sort of like Mario Kart except blocky and simpler. The game also includes auto-aiming which is good and bad. When you are busy running away from cops it is helpful. When you are getting cornered it is useless, you can’t change who you are targetting.

Gameplay and Control Score: 95/100

Smashy Road scores a 95 out of 100 in gameplay and controls because of it’s simple and easy to learn gameplay and control. It only scored a 95 because of the fact that the gun never aims where you wanted it.


Picture of Car Driving on BridgeSmashy road Arena has a rather standard graphics compared to the other games, its view situates on a fixed point( which makes it so hard sometimes to see your car behind other objects.  It has a very colorful view and many different themes such as a volcano, medieval, candy, snow and many more. But there is no pause button making it hard to stop the game. The cube-y graphics make’s the game feel light and harmless. The fun graphics allow the game to get away with murder(literally ;))

Graphics Score: 90/100

Smashy Road Arena would score 100 out of 100 for its graphics but because of it’s missing pause button its score drops to a 90


The game’s soundtrack sounds good until 30 seconds pass by. It gets repetitive rather quickly and boring. The synths and drums they used were well picked and represent the different section you are in. The sound effects are clean and get the point across.

Sound Review: 70/100

Even though the sound is well used, that is only half the story. The music still needs work, it gets very repetitive and can really drag down the experience.


Smashy Road arena can be played over and over again. Even though it features an unlockable car system the game is unlimited. You can try to beat your friend’s high score or you can try to troll the cops. The game can be played offline and online so you always have something new to do.

Replay-Ability Score: 100/100

Smashy road is a game that can be played forever.

The Good


Smashy Road is rather addicting and can be played for a long time


Smashy Road has a online mode allowing you to play with players arround the world


Smashy road works offline and online


The Bad


The automatic turret is crap


Smashy road Arena’s soundtrack is boring


Smashy road Arena has no  pause button